Baby boom! Corolla Wild Horse fund announces birth of season’s second foal

Second foal of the season born to the Currituck Outer Banks wild horses. [(Photo by Gene Flood of Corolla]

The wild horses of the Currituck Outer Banks have their second new foal of the season, born about a week ago.

“Determining the gender has been tricky but based on what we’ve been able to observe so far we are pretty sure it’s a filly,” Corolla Wild Horse Fund herd manager Meg Puckett said in a Facebook post.

The new addition is the first for mom Orlanda and both are doing well. Dad Rambler is very attentive, and she’s got lots of aunts to look after her too, Puckett said.

The new foal’s name is Alma, which means soul in Spanish, and translates to “lifts the spirit” in English. The name is also of Greek derivation, meaning “salt water.”

“Welcome to the beach, Alma!”

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