Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild announces 2022 Honey Contest winners

The Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild is pleased to announce the winners of the Sixth Annual Honey Contest held on November 9, 2022.

The event was graciously hosted by Doug Roughton & Julie Moye, and guest judges were Rick Coor, 1st Vice-President of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association, local entrepreneur Leslie Rorrer of the soon-to-open Sophisticated Charcuterie in Kitty Hawk, and honey connoisseur Deb Lawson.

With samplings of 17 Outer Banks honeys from Guild members’ hives, the judges and attendees enjoyed a great variety of unique tastes.  The individual honeys’ qualities such as density, clarity and flavor were compared, votes were tallied, and the winners were:

People’s Choice – Winner Heidi Leo, Second Harvey Murray, Third Chris & Sage Smolke.

Judge’s Choice, Light – Winner Hugh Taylor, Second Michael Lambright, Third Markus Heyder & Tamara Warren.

Judge’s Choice, Amber – Winner Harvey Murray, Second Dan, Pat & Daniel Hardy, Third Gary McDonald.

The Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild welcomes anyone who would like to know more about honey bees and beekeeping (or where to purchase local honey) to visit outerbanksbeekeepers.com for more information, or contact OBBG president Dalton Hyde at (919) 260-3265.