Guest Opinion: Celebrating Our Local Businesses: A Thanksgiving Tribute to Community Pillars – OBX Today

Guest Opinion: Celebrating Our Local Businesses: A Thanksgiving Tribute to Community Pillars - OBX Today

By Josh Bass


Currituck Chamber of Commerce

As we approach the season of gratitude and gather around our tables to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s crucial to reflect on the unsung heroes in our midst—the backbone of our community—the local businesses that tirelessly contribute to our daily lives. While the Thanksgiving holiday and the upcoming Small Business Saturday beckon, it’s the perfect time to underscore the profound significance of our local business community and why our community should deeply appreciate and support them.

Local businesses are not just entities operating for profit; they are the beating heart of our neighborhoods, providing invaluable contributions that extend far beyond the goods and services they offer. These businesses are integral parts of our lives, woven into the fabric of our communities, and their significance transcends the economic realm.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge why our local business community deserves our appreciation and unwavering support.

First and foremost, local businesses are engines of economic stability and economic opportunity. They create jobs employing our friends, family members, and neighbors. Behind every storefront or office entrance, there are dedicated individuals striving to serve our community, contributing not just to the economy but also fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

Our local businesses are not mere profit-makers; they are altruistic contributors, often supporting various charitable causes and community initiatives. They sponsor local events, contribute to fundraisers, and support neighborhood organizations, enriching the social fabric of our community. Their philanthropic endeavors often go unnoticed but profoundly impact the lives of those in need.

Contrary to misconceptions, local businesses are vital contributors to our tax base, shouldering a significant burden in supporting our local infrastructure, public services, and government operations. These businesses pay property taxes, sales taxes, and various other levies, contributing to the vitality of our community while utilizing comparatively fewer local government services, such as schools and social programs. This substantially alleviates the strain on local taxes for residents.

Our local businesses offer more than just products; they provide personalized services, unique offerings, and a sense of connection that can be lacking in larger communities. From the nearby restaurant to the family-owned retail shop around the corner, these businesses provide goods and services tailored to the needs and preferences of our community, enhancing our overall quality of life.

Local businesses contribute to the distinctive identity and charm of our community. They infuse character into our neighborhoods, offering a diverse array of products and services that reflect our local tastes and values. Their presence cultivates a sense of place and fosters a stronger community spirit.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and prepare for Small Business Saturday, it’s important to recognize the significance and contributions of our local business community and reaffirm our commitment to supporting them. Every purchase made at a local store or every service availed from a local business is an investment back into our community. It’s a vote of confidence in the sustainability and vibrancy of our neighborhood.

Small Business Saturday serves as a reminder to consciously choose local businesses for our holiday shopping needs. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and individuality of our local merchants while acknowledging the immense contributions they make to our community’s prosperity.

In this season of Thanksgiving, let’s extend our gratitude to the local businesses that enrich our lives and sustain our community. They are more than just storefronts; they are pillars of our local economy, charitable contributors, and community supporters. Let’s celebrate them not just during the holidays but year-round by consciously supporting and patronizing these businesses.

The thriving of our local businesses ensures the flourishing of our community. As we express our gratitude this Thanksgiving, let’s pledge to continue fostering an environment where our local businesses can thrive, grow, and continue to be the cornerstones of our vibrant community.

In supporting our local businesses, we are not merely making purchases; we are investing in the vitality and prosperity of our community, enriching the lives of all who call this place home. This Thanksgiving and beyond, let’s celebrate and support our local businesses—a testament to our community’s strength and resilience.