Pro skateboarder Andy Howell introduces Ghost Ship Supply – OBX Today

Pro skateboarder Andy Howell introduces Ghost Ship Supply - OBX Today

Legendary pro skateboarder and youth culture innovator Andy Howell introduces Ghost Ship Supply, a pioneering skateboarding, surfing, and fishing lifestyle brand that embodies the hybrid culture and mysterious allure of the Outer Banks.

Drawing on his rich history of innovation, including pioneering skateboard, apparel, and technology companies, Howell’s Ghost Ship Supply is the first action sports lifestyle brand to offer its own high performance fishing rods, skateboards and surfboards alongside hybrid apparel, original art, and accessories in its limited-edition product line. Ghost Ship’s fishing rods combine high performance components primarily configured for inshore and surf fishing with the graphic aesthetics of skateboarding and surfing, representing a multi-disciplined lifestyle endemic to the Outer Banks. The brand’s limited edition cut-n-sew jackets and hybrid shorts are designed surfing, skateboarding, and fishing alike.

A culmination of his professional experiences and personal passions, Andy Howell’s latest brand embodies the hybrid culture found on the Outer Banks, a chain of barrier islands where wild horses still roam the northern beaches and where a rich, mysterious history dates back hundreds of years. Consider the landing of the first European colonists or the pirates, like the infamous Blackbeard, who lured sailing ships to their demise on the treacherous, shifting sandbars just offshore. Called the Graveyard of the Atlantic, the Outer Banks has claimed more than 5,000 ships, its unpredictable storms and shifting sandbars still beach and often destroy unsuspecting vessels every year. Ghost Ship Supply meshes these rich historic local themes with a multi-disciplined lifestyle of surfing, skating, fishing, and art, all part of the thriving culture found on the real Outer Banks. Designed on the Outer Banks for the rugged, multifaceted lifestyle found there, Ghost Ship incorporates the ominous island chain directly into it’s skull logo.

With a grass roots approach to building community and awareness for the brand, Ghost Ship has assembled like-minded local and international pro skaters, surfers, fishermen and artists, known as “The Ghost Ship Crew,” including skateboarding icon Kareem Campbell (IG @kareemcampbelldotcom, 108k followers) pro skater-artist Kris Markovich (@kris_markovich, 54k followers), international pros Dominick Walker (@domowaka, 94k followers) Nic Steezy (@nicsteezy, 18k followers), and Collin Graham (@collingraham757, 13k followers), and local pros including surfers and fishers Quentin and Stefan Turko (@quentin_turko, 13k followers, @stefanturko, 2.5k followers), Mike Fava (@mike_fava, 4k followers), Nathan Midgette (@nathanmidgette, 5k followers), and Ronnie and Dylan O’Neal (@ronnie0skates @allhailskaten, 5k followers total). A roving mobile pop-up retail store, “The Ghost Ship,” travels together with the crew to key events and can be tracked on the brand’s social media and by signing up for text alerts on the site.

Ghost Ship Supply moves the creative needle locally and along the East Coast with art exhibitions featuring local and international artists, street and ramp skate competitions for the local and surrounding communities, and sunrise or sunset fishing strike missions only accessible by 4×4 along stretches of beaches on the Outer Banks that remain mysterious, wild, and free.

With Ghost Ship Supply, Howell combines his experience as a professional skateboarder, artist, and successful company founder with lifelong passions, dovetailing perfectly into life on the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks are in Howell’s entrepreneurial DNA. His first major experiences in fishing, surfing and skateboarding all took place on the Outer Banks during his childhood. There was his first visit to a skateboard park, the first time he stood up on a surfboard, and the first fish he caught in the surf. Designed on the Outer Banks, Ghost Ship embodies the one-of-a-kind vibe of this unique region – a haven of local skateboarders, surfers, fishermen, and artists – drawn in by its mysterious allure.

Equal parts mystery, history, and creativity, the skateboarding, surfing, and fishing brand Ghost Ship Supply embodies the authentic spirit of the Outer Banks through pioneering hybrid product collections designed for high performance and aesthetics at the convergence of skateboarding, surfing, fishing and art.

Ghost Ship Supply becomes available for wholesale distribution in June 2024 to select retailers in North America through Eastern Skateboard Supply and affiliates.