Outer Banks Community Foundation recognizes scholar and cancer researcher Siena Nason – OBX Today

Outer Banks Community Foundation recognizes scholar and cancer researcher Siena Nason - OBX Today
Siena Nason by Denise Zheng.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is pleased to announce the achievements of Siena Nason, a recipient of the prestigious Milton A. Jewell Academic Scholarship. Nason, a native of Southern Shores, has recently completed her junior year at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is engaged in groundbreaking cancer research.

A passionate advocate for science and math, Nason’s journey began at The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics during her high school years. Reflecting on her academic path, Nason remarked, “I took biochemistry and thought it was really fun. We got to extract mushrooms in biology, and I realized how interesting it was and how much I liked it. When I went to college, I figured that I would keep pursuing science and see where it would lead me.”

Her dedication to biology led her to the Ruella Lab at the Perelman School of Medicine, where she participates in pioneering research on next-generation CAR-T therapy for Lymphoma and Leukemia. CAR-T therapy, a form of immunotherapy, utilizes genetically modified T cells to combat cancer, a technique in which the University of Pennsylvania is at the forefront.

Looking ahead to her senior year at Penn, Nason expressed excitement about her academic pursuits, stating, “I’m starting a similar cycle as I did when I was starting my senior year in high school, looking at different graduate programs to earn a PhD degree. It has been a great three years of undergraduate work, and I’m looking forward to my next chapter.”

The full Outer Banks Community Foundation story about Siena Nason can be found at https://obcf.org/siena-nason/.

Her innovative approach aims to advance personalized treatments for patients battling aggressive forms of cancer.

Grateful for the support she received through the Milton A. Jewell Academic Scholarship, Nason emphasized its importance in facilitating her education at an esteemed institution like the University of Pennsylvania. “Having this scholarship has been really helpful, especially during the summers when I have been living in Philadelphia and working in the lab,” she said.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation’s Milton A. Jewell Academic Scholarship, established in 2003, honors exceptional students like Nason who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and a commitment to their communities. This scholarship plays a crucial role in enabling students to pursue their aspirations at prestigious institutions, fostering transformative research initiatives with global implications.

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